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Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Configuring Basic Network Wan

Configuring Basic Network Wan

Practicum Basic Configuration Wireless LAN
11.1 Interest
  • - Describe the existing mode on WLAN
  • - Describes the WLAN Configuration
  • - Know the Indicators Working WLAN
11.2 Equipment
  • - Wireless Access Point
  • - 2 pieces of Wireless Adapter
  • - 2 pieces of PC desktop / laptop
11.3. Supporting the theory 
-Mode Network WLAN 
Wireless Local Area Network is actually almost the same as the LAN network, but each node on the WLAN using a wireless device to connect ith network. nodes in the WLAN using the same frequency channel and SSID that shows the identity of the wireless device. 
Unlike wired networks, wireless networks have two modes that can be used: infrastructure and Ad-Hoc.Configuration is a communication infrastructure between each PC with a WLAN access point or LAN. 
Communications Ad-Hoc is a direct communication between each computer using wireless devices. The use of these two modes depending on the requirement to share data or other needs with the wired network.
A. Ad-Hoc Mode 
Ad-Hoc mode WLAN network is very simple, because the ad-hoc does not require an access point for the hosts can interact with each other. Each host has enough wireless transmitter and receiver to communicate directly with each other as shown in figure 1. The drawback of this mode is the computer can not communicate with computers on a wired network. In addition, the coverage area in this mode is limited to the distance between the two computers. 
B. Infrastructure Mode 
If the computer on the wireless network to access the wired network or shared printer, for example, the wireless network must use the infrastructure mode. 
In infrastructure mode access point function to serve the primary communication on wireless networks. The access point transmits the data to the PC with a specific range in an area. Additions and layout settings access point can extend the range of the WLAN. 
a. WLAN Components 
There are four main components in WLAN, namely:
  1. 1. Access Point, a device that becomes the central connection of the user (users) to the ISP, or from branch offices to the central office if the network is owned by a company. Access-Point function to convert the radio frequency (RF) signals into digital signals to be routed through the cable, or distributed to any other WLAN device to re-converted into radio frequency signals.
  2. 2.Wireless LAN Interface, is the equipment installed in the Mobile / Desktop PC, equipment developed mass is in the form of PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) card, PCI card or via USB (Universal Serial Bus).
  3. 3. Mobile / Desktop PC, an access device for the user, the mobile PC is generally mounted PCMCIA port to be added while the desktop PC wireless adapter with PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) card or USB (Universal Serial Bus).
  4. 4. External antenna (optional) is used to amplify the transmit power. This antenna can be assembled by the user. example: antenna.
  5. Relatively the Access-Point is able to accommodate a few to hundreds of users simultaneously. Some vendors only recommend a dozen to about 40 of the users to the Access Point. Although in theory this device can accommodate a lot but it will happen because of the declining performance RF signal itself and the strength of the Access Point operating system.
  6. Logic component of the Access Point is an ESSID (Extended Service Set Identification) is the standard of IEEE 802.11. Users must connect the wireless adapter to the Access Point with specific SSIDs so that data transfer can occur. ESSID become standard authentication in wireless communications. In terms of security of some specific vendors to make certain key authentication to authenticate from the client to the Access Point.
  7. Fragility of the security aspect makes issuing standardized IEEE Wireless encryption protocol (WEP), an existing application in any PCMCIA card. Serves WEP encrypts data before it is transferred to the radio signal requency (RF), and to decrypt the data back from the RF signal.
11.4. The experiment measures 
infrastr Mode 
To communicate 2 computers or more in infrastructure mode, all computers will be connected to the wireless network must have a wireless 
adapter or laptop has Wi-Fi and Access Point. Here are step-by-step installation and configuration: 
Access Point Configuration 11.4.1 
In this section will describe the installation of the access point. 
steps - steps are as follows:
  1. Place the Access Point at the optimum point, usually located in the midst and the line of sight with PCs and wireless accessories (adapter and router).
  2. Place the antenna in a position where the antenna capable wireless network mengover well. Normally, the best performance is the antenna located on a higher ground.
  3. Connect the AC power adapter into a power socket Access Point
  4. Connect the straight end of the UTP cable to the Access Point and the other end of the cable to the switch.
  5. Klik Start, Connect To, lalu pilih Show All Connection pada komputer.
  6. Right-click on Local Area Connection and select Status
  7. Click Properties in the Local Area Connection Status, then click Properties on the Internet Protocol TCP / IP.
  8. Setting your computer's IP address with the IP subnet mask and default gateway is
  9. Open net browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla) and make sure your browser's proxy in the empty net.
  10. Type in the browser's Address field net. is the default IP address of the Access Point is Linksys.
  11. Type admin in the username and the password (the default username and password Access Point Linksys is admin)
  12. Settings tab setup like this was taken:
Internet Setup
- Internet Connection type : Automatic Configuration – DHCP
- Optional Setting
- Router Name : WRT54G (default)
- Host Name : (kosong)
- Domain Name : (kosong)
- MTU : Auto (default)
Network Setup
- Router IP :
- Local IP Address : (default)
- Subnet Mask :
- Network Address Server Setting
- DHCP Server : Enable (Access Point memberikan alamat IP pada masing-masing Host secara otomatis)
- Starting IP Address : (IP yang akan diberikan imulai dari
- Maximum Number : 50 (Jumlah host yang akan diberikan alamat IP of DHCP User oleh akses point dibatasi hanya 50 host)
- Client Lease Time : 0 (default)
- Static DNS 1,2,3 : (default)
- WINS : (default)
- Time Setting
- Time Zone : (GMT+07.00 Thailand, Rusia)
- Klik Save Settings

13. Klik Tab Wireless, lalu konfigurasi seperti berikut :
- Wireless Network Mode : Mixed (default Access Point yang akan support pada standard 802.11b dan 82.11g)
- Wireless Network Name : Lab Wireless (Nama Access Point yang akan SSID) terdeteksi di jaringan wireless )
- Wireless Channel : 6-2.437 GHz (default kanal yang digunakan)
- Wireless SSID Broadcast : Enabled (SSID akan dibroadcast ke jaringan wireless)

14. Klik Save Settings
4.1.2 Konfigurasi Client
Hubungkan kabel USB pada port USB adapter, lalu hubungkan kabel USB pada port USB komputer.
  1. Windows XP will automatically detect the adapter. Insert the CD-ROM setup on the CD-ROM drive. Then setup wizzard will automatically appear if not, manually run setup.exe from the driver)
  2. Click on the next button after selecting Install
  3. On the license agreement click Next.
  4. Once this stage is completed the installation window will appear Creating a Profile and wireless adapters will automatically search for signals around the active.
  5. Click Lab Wireless SSID and click Connect. So Usb Wireless Adapter will erhubung with Wireless Access Point Lab. pabila want to use the Wireless Network Connection in Windows, then we flow to disable the Linksys Network Monitor first.
following steps are:
  1. Right click on the Linksys Network Monitor, and then click Use Windows XP Wireless Configuration
  2. Klik kanan pada icon Network Wireless Connection pada taskbar, lalu pilih view Available Wireless Networks.
  3. Click Lab Wireless SSID and click Connect. So Usb Wireless Adapter will connect with Access Point Wireless Lab.
  4. Ad-Hoc Mode
  5. In Ad-Hoc mode, to interact with other computers, all computers will be connected must have a wireless adapter or laptop has Wi-Fi. One of the computers used in this mode SSID Broadcaster.
Here are step-by-step installation and configuration on one computer that you want to be SSID broadcaster:
  1. Enable Wireless adapter each - each computer to be connected to the network
  2. Right-click on the Wireless Network Connection icon in the taskbar and select View Available Wireless Networks, it would appear.
  3. Klik Change the order preferred Network
  4. Click Add in the Preferred Network column, then type the name Network to be used in the Network Name.Consider figure 19. example broadcasternya SSID name is Ad Hoc.
  5. Click Ok
  6. Back on the status of the picture 18 Click refresh network list it would appear ad-hoc connection with the Ad Hoc SSID name.
  7. Then select Change advanced settings option on the left. Click 2 times on option protoco internet (TCP / IP)
  8. Then the settings on each computer with a different IP address to 192.168.1.xxx the xxx is the rule according to the number expected in the range 1s / d 254. eg (
  9. specify the subnet mask to form a local network. clear gateawaynya
  10. click ok for verification.
  11. Test the connection with the PING command at the command prompt, when the computer is connected to the computer is ready to communicate in Ad-Hoc networks are Pear to
  12. pear.

Guitar Pro 6.0.8 r9626 Final Full Keymaker | 35 Mb

Guitar Pro is first and foremost a program designed to edit tablatures for guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings. Its great ease of use and the success of its specific file format have made it a program used by guitarists worldwide. It now includes editing support for many other instruments like the piano or the drums, a realistic audio engine, and interactive tools to support every musician's practice.

An optimal display of your score, together with all the tools you need for editing, sound-setting, and playing your instrument.
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Tablature and standard notation
Both types of notation are perfectly synchronized: the notes capture into one get immediately reported into the other.

Summary of the notation elements
Dynamics, grace note, staccato, fade in, left-hand and right-hand fingering, brush, pick strokes, ghost note, accented notes, muffled note, let ring, harmonics, tapping, slap, hammer-on / pull-off, bend, tremolo bar, slides, vibrato, wide vibrato, trill, tremolo picking, palm mute, multirests, double dotting, n-tuplets, fermata, double accidentals, left-hand tapping, rasgueado, arpeggio, rhythmic « slash » notation, ornaments, extended barrĂ©…; and of course texts, lyrics, chord diagrams...

Guitar Pro is also a powerful score player, which facilitates composing or learning a piece.

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All of the effects specific to the guitar (e.g., bend, slide, ghost notes, etc.) are rendered into the playback, as well as the various possible playing styles – pickstroking, fingerpicking or slapping, for instance.

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You can also use it to mute one or several tracks, and choose to show or hide them. An ideal tool when you want to use Guitar Pro as backing band.

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All of those tools work with fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings.

Diagram generator
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MIDI and digital tuners
The digital tuner allows yo
u to tune your guitar by plugging it into the soundcard, or via a microphone. You can also simply tune your guitar by ear, string by string, with the MIDI tuner.
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Since the Guitar Pro format has become a true standard on the Internet, the software will let you enjoy thousands of scores that are already available over many websites (files in *.gp3, *.gp4, *.gp5 and *.gpx formats).

MIDI Import/Export
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ASCII Import/Export
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WAV Export
With the WAV Export option, you can convert a Guitar Pro file into an audio file, which you can play or burn onto an audio CD.

PNG Export
Exporting into PNG (image) will let you save your tablatures as big-sized pictures. Those pictures can for instance be integrated into a webpage for wider diffusion, or edited with the appropriate software for pedagogical purposes.

PDF Export
The PDF format is standard when you wish to distribute your scores.

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : Multilingual
Password : No

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Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

CCleaner 3.16.1666 + CCEnhancer | 3.2 mb

CCleaner - a utility for cleaning the debris in the operating system. In the course of their work CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is looking for and removes unused files. These include: cookies, history, visiting sites in IE, temporary Internet files, search strings, files, Recycle Bin, etc. Search is also supported by third-party application temp files: Firefox, Opera, Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Office XP, Nero, Alcohol 120, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip, GetRight, Morpheus, Download Accelerator Plus, VirtualDub , ZoneAlarm and many others.

Can be subjected to cleaning and registry Windows, ridding it of unnecessary extensions of it, the old library dll and wrong ways, which accumulate in considerable amounts, especially after installing and uninstalling various programs. Performing all these operations on your system, you not only free up disk space, but also increase overall system performance.

CCleaner, depending on the settings, Cleans the following Windows: 
1. Internet Explorer
Temporary Internet files
URL History
Files "Cookies"
Hidden Index.dat files
Location of last download
Autofill forms
2. Cart
3. Clipboard
4. Windows temporary files
5. Windows Log Files
6. Recent Documents
7. Run (in the "Start" menu)
8. Search Assistant history Windows XP

Changes in this version:
- Added Scheduled Task management in Startup tool.
- Added Option to close running browsers when cleaning.
- Improved Google Chrome History cleaning.
- Improved Aurora History cleaning.
- Improved Windows 8 compatibility.
- Added cleaning for AIMP 3, Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 and AlZip.
- Improved cleaning for Snagit 10, AntiVir Desktop, Ashampoo Burning Studio 11, and Adobe Acrobat 9.0 and 10.0.
- Reduced 64-bit EXE memory usage.
- Minor GUI improvements.

CCEnhancer - Utility adds more than 500 programs in the CCleaner to remove debris after them

No Password

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Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Download Game Need for Speed: Carbon Buat PC Free Full Version

Need for Speed: Carbon.

Minimum System Requirements:
-OS : XP/Vista/Windows 7
-1.4 GHz CPU
-256 MB RAM
-3 GB hard disk space,
-DirectX 9.0c compatible 32 MB video card with one of these chipsets Radeon 7500; Radeon Xpress 200; GeForce 2 MX; Intel 915; S3 GammaChrome S18 Pro
-DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Download Game Need for Speed: Carbon Buat PC Free Full Version:
Size: 4 GB
"Download Game Need for Speed: Carbon Full Version"

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Crysis 2 v1.9 (PC/ENG/MULTI2) LossLess RePack

Crysis 2 LossLess RePack by RG Revenants
 Language: Russian | English
Release Date: 2011
Mirrors: MightyUpload | UPafile | BillionUploads

The world shook a series of environmental disasters, and humanity is on the verge of extinction. The aliens have returned with a determination to wipe people off the face of the earth and started at the same time with one of the most iconic cities of the earth. Streets of New York flooded with alien invaders, and a wave of walking nightmares gradually engulfing the city and its inhabitants. Urban communication systems are destroyed, the buildings are in ruins.

Crysis 2 PC Game - This New York City you have not yet seen. Neither the law enforcement organizations, nor the U.S. military machine can not cope with the invaders, and all who could not escape in time, are already dead. To survive in this chaos, you need the technology, about which neither the earths soldiers also have no idea. One man will inherit that will help him survive. A super soldiers, armed and equipped with the latest technologies of the future in Nanosuit 2, take a desperate attempt to save humanity on the streets of New York.

  • New York, New York City at the time the game Crysis asked a fairly high level of quality for computer games. Crysis 2 for PCs and game consoles raises the bar to new heights. Welcome to New York.
  • Inventive ET and AI: at your service the most inventive in the world of artificial intelligence with the ability to coordinate the behavior of whole groups of characters and realistic response to your actions.
  • Nanosuit 2: change the tactics of the battlefield in real time, adjusting your Nanosuit and weapons, and your super soldiers will become more and more power.
  • Multiplayer: Now an internationally acclaimed collective action film from the studio Crytek UK all the Nanosuit 2 available in multiplayer mode. Thanks to the almost unlimited possibilities of technology Nanosuit battles will become even more interesting and dynamic.


Features of Release:
  • Do not cut / recoded
  • Game Version
  • Additional content:
  • DirectX 11 Upgrade Pack
  • High-Res Texture Pack
  • Limited Edition
  • Repack by RG Revenants

Minimum System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+
  • Memory: 2 Gb
  • Hard Drive: 9 Gb free
  • Video Memory: 512 Mb
  • Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive

Recommended System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 @ 3.0 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.4 GHz
  • Memory: 4 Gb
  • Hard Drive: 9 Gb free
  • Video Memory: 1.8 Gb
  • Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 6850
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 11
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • DVD Rom Drive

Link download
Mirror via UPafile (5.89GB Interchangeable)
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Password: koskomputer.blogspot.com

1. Unrar
2. Install the game
3. Play
4. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

Note: Agar gak capek-capek menunggu 5 detik dan mengisi captcha, buatlah akun anda di UPafile dan juga BillionUploads. Atau anda bisa menggunakan akun di bawah ini:

user: memberkoskomputer
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user: memberkoskomputer
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Nero 11.0.11200 Lite Full Activation | 54 Mb

Having a winning application is Nero for burning and copying a CD, DVD and Blu-ray with the highest quality and advanced security features. 

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Supported formats for burning data carriers: 
DVD ± R 

Supported disc formats: 
Data CD (ISO, UDF, ISO / UDF) 
Blu-ray data (ISO, UDF) 
Disc SecurDisc CD / DVD / Blu-ray 
Nero DiscSpan (UDF) 
Audio CD 
Mixed-mode CD 
The image of Nero (NRG) 
The image of the CUE (import only) 
ISO Image 
Video compact disk 
CD Super Video 
DVD-VR (import only) 
AVCHD video 
Video BDMV 
BDAV (import only) 

* Nero BurningROM 
* Nero Express 
* Nero Cover Designer 
* Nero WaveEditor 

* Nero BurningROM 
* Nero Express 

2.0 : 
* Updated files to Nero 11.0.11200 
* Fixed error when trying to add files in Nero Express on Windows XP 
* Fixed problem with "Save Audio Track" 

Operating System: Windows ® XP/Vista/7 
Language: Multi
Released: 2012 
Dimensions: 54.5, 43.2 MB 
Medicine:  Yes
Password : No

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Nero 11.0.11200 Lite Full Activation | 54 Mb

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